About twenty five years ago, a little movie about toys changed the way we see movies. Pixar's Toy Story not only advanced film technology and children's storytelling—it proved that animated movies could transcend age and intellect. Yes, children can watch and enjoy Pixar movies, but their themes are universal and necessary for people of all stages of life.

Whether they're personifying the strangeness of our emotions, reminding us the joy of childhood, or warning of the dangers of climate change—Pixar movies have proved that an animated children's movie can be just as important and powerful as any live-action, prestige drama. But where live-action films are anchored (somewhat) to our reality, Pixar has the freedom to take us wherever our imagination can create. And with that, the beloved animation studio has produced some of the most universally adored films in the history of cinema.

There's not really any bad Pixar movies, but they are still not created equal. So fightergolden.com will show you the world of incredible Pixar movies. Just enjoy!